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 aprox. 50.300.000 Photo Series  The European migrant crisis has been the main topic in media coverage over this year all around the world. There’s a human movement under way that will transform political, social and demographic relations in Europe in a profound way. For being such an important theme and receiving extensive media coverage, there’s a huge image collection portraying the journey and political repercussions of this migrant movement towards Europe. Considering this scenario, this essay proposes the analysis, selection and editing of images found under the search “migrant crisis” on Google. aprox. 50.300.000 – reference to the number of hits related do the search on the beginning of the project – aims to resignify this collection of image, creating a visual narrative of this immense and most important movement.  The series chooses not to spectacularize the suffering of the people involved in this journey by focusing on body language and reducing previously photojournalistic material to a minimalistic aesthetic. There’s a concern to protect the identity of the migrant characters in the series and to bring forward the face of those that can change their situation, exemplified by politicians, media and police. Considering the logic of the post-photographic movement, aprox. 50.300.000 abandons the click by the photographer and focuses on the creation of new meanings – both visual and narrative – to a specific photographic universe.  Originally published in CreativPaper Issue No. 1 in 2016. Read the full issue  here .  Words and photo edits by Felipe Abreau for CreativPaper.