Wondercook Collection: Sam Osborne
Saturated with colour and bold geometric shapes - a independent designer to keep your eye on!

Sam Osborne, a self confessed ‘brightly coloured designer nerd’ has launched her latest range of prints, stationery and homewares focusing on her love of all things gastronomic. 

Sam’s designs are saturated with colour and bold geometric shapes – a prominent feature in all of her work. She explains: “Design shouldn't just be about how something looks – function is important too. I deliberately choose vibrant colours, play with perspective and use strong shapes in my work because when they're combined, they can be a real mood changer. That’s their purpose."

"I've always loved cooking and I love how adventurous people are when they're in the kitchen. Cooking and sharing food, tasting it and catching up over supper can be a social, joyous thing which brings family and friends together. I wanted this joy to be encapsulated in my designs."

“My work is heavily influenced by mid-century modern artist and their work - the optimism reflected in art and design from this era is so appealing and I wanted this boldness and positivity to exude from my work. I hope the items in this collection offer a visual banquet as people are feasting and preparing dishes in their kitchen.”

If you are interested in supporting Sam and would like to purchase some of her brightly coloured products, feel free to visit her online store here, and here.