One Day In A Life Of - Katie Green

One Day In A Life Of - Katie Green

Day In A Life Of... Is a new regular feature we will be publishing on which highlights a creative's day to day work. The whole post is photographed by the creative and written by the creative we wanted to publish this regular feature to show you what other creatives do with their 24 hours. 

Today we featured Katie Green; if you follow us on Instagram you will already be familiar with her work, anyway enough of my rambling. Read below Katie's Day In A Life, feature below. 

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08:00: Always like to start my day with a coffee. Dark roast with a little cinnamon, cream, and honey. I like to sit out on my front porch that is attached to my studio space and watch the characters walking by and get some morning sun.

08:15: Working on a sketch to prepare for a big painting that is about 4 feet by 13 feet long. This is to get an idea of scale and concept. I like to start my paintings this way. This piece in particular documents my experience paddling the Peel River in the Yukon last September. I was part of a documentary film project where 12 artists were selected from across Canada to paddle this river for 21 days and experience this remote landscape.

09:30: I keep these little items near me always while I create. I love to collect little pieces of inspiration, especially from nature. Whether I use them directly in my drawings as reference or just have them near me for comfort, these are important for my creative process.

09:40: Thinking of my next moves.

10:00: This is to give an idea of the mediums I often use in my paintings. My favourite as of lately are acrylic inks. They work much like watercolour (which the medium I used when learning how to paint) but they are more permanent and vivid. They have been my go to now for about 7 months. 

10:20: Another piece I am working on at the moment. This is a commission piece that is based on the clients love for nature, more specifically the flora and fauna of the Rocky Mountains which is just an hour outside of where I live. She also has a connection Northern Canada, which is where I spent my time paddling the Peel River. A herd of caribou migrate across the upper section of the painting. Layer by layer for this one.

14:00: Progress! The client has a fond memory of listening to the loon’s song when she was a child. This is the first time I have incorporated a loon into a painting. I love doing commissions for this reason. You are always expanding your subject matter and have the opportunity to draw inspiration from the narratives of others. 

14:15: Keep those brushes clean!

14:30: I like to skip from piece to piece as I work in the studio - keeps me energised! This piece is the larger version of the sketch I was working on earlier this morning. I have been working on this piece on my studio floor the entire duration! Its been a really interesting process - very personal and intimate. Not only is the subject matter directly about my life and my experience on the Peel River, but the scale of the figures is near life size. Having my body resting above and on top of this piece while meticulously drawing my own toes is quite the experience. 

16:45: Time for a break. I often have to go for a walk or a lay in the park to disconnect from the studio for a moment. Fresh air recharge. 

17:15: Like I mentioned earlier, I am always on the look out for little treasures when I am outside. Though I have been known to collect dead birds and put them in my freezer (in the hopes I may taxidermy them later), I won’t be taking this beauty home. The colours were so stunning. I wish I had of remembered my sketch book to draw this beauty.

17:25: Love coming back to my studio and having the neighbourhood cats hanging on my front porch for a visit. There are about three who do their rounds in this wicker chair! Time for some cat snugs. 

17:45: Whats next? I am currently prepping for a local arts market that I have been involved in for about 6 years now called Market Collective. I do original paintings and prints. I like to get my frames from second hand stores. Sometimes you can find some real gems, but here I am reinventing them by doing a little spray over. 

18:15: No chips left :( Apparently I forget to eat while I’m working away.

18:20: Back to this one! Loon number two.

20:00: Dinner time. Ever since my trip to South East Asia I love to cook asian inspired food. Easy and so tasty!

20:30: The calm moments as the sun begins to set. It’s been a good day.

Here is a shot of the finished piece a few days later delivered and installed in the clients home! Love how it turned out. There is nothing better than working one on one with someone to visualize an image that is important and sacred to their lives. Her reaction reconfirms exactly why it is I do what I do.