Dot Outline Duo - Five Things That Inspire Us...

Matt Maddocks and Kirstie Rogers; the duo behind Dot Outline, recently began a collaborative project at Nottingham Trent University, whilst studying on their final year of Graphic Design. The talented duo created a brand built around the concept of 'two halves make a whole' which represents them both together as a collective, named Dot Outline. 

"As a way to branch away from the common approach of self-branding, we created a fresh and innovative brand identity which explores our passion of dotwork and linework. The merge of the two styles and intrigue of the final result is something that excites us. Not knowing what the outcome will look like also plays a part into the subject matters that we choose to illustrate, focusing around the mysterious and the unknown."

CreativPaper caught up with the duo and here is the Five Things That Inspire Them.

Dark/Macabre Subject Matters

We are both greatly inspired by the unknown, mysterious and dark subjects in life, the pre-historic period and anatomy in particular. We both find satisfaction out of people being slightly disgusted and disturbed by these subject matters, although we find these incredibly interesting; everyone has a skeleton underneath their skin, but are somehow completely revolted by it!

Each Other

We've spent literally every day sat next each other for almost an academic year now whilst working on different projects. We realised that it came as an advantage, which was why we chose to collaborate, and merge out interests. We work incredibly well together, bouncing ideas off of each other and giving help where it is needed. Not only this, but we both genuinely like each others work, which confirmed that we should definitely collaborate. 


Both of our styles are extremely time-consuming, where illustrations at an A4 size can take at least 5 hours to complete. Accuracy, detail and the process of making it is a massive focus for us, and we're not bothered about the fact that we are both perfectionists when it comes down to selecting how and where the dots and lines go. Even though it takes a ridiculous amount of time to draw and edit our illustrations, the reward of seeing it complete at the end is more than enough to inspire us to do more and continue with the brand.

Dream of Success

We're both really big fans of any collective or illustrator that has made a living from their passion, starting with nothing and working their way up the creative ladder. Recognition and exposure of our designs is something we both really want, It'd be incredible to see someone walking past wearing one of our designs on a t-shirt! 

Similar Creative Talent

Anyone with a similar illustration style to either of us, and also the content that they illustrate inspires us to produce what we do. We love to see how people approach illustration and also how they make themselves unique; everyone has to find their niche, and for us it's the amalgamation of dots and lines. 

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