Jessica Kristen


Based in Vancouver, WA, Jess Kristen is a portrait artist and freelance illustrator who specialises in capturing the expressions of our favourite actors and characters through striking, unique and bold colour combinations.

Jess attended the USC School of Cinema and studied the art of visual communication.  She attended a one month oil painting realism class and fell in love with the technique. Using only 7 colours to blend her palette, Jess crafted a skill of capturing expression through narrative strokes of exaggerated colours and layering/blending techniques.

The challenge of expressing the subtleties of emotion across a face became a source of excitement and pride for Jess Kristen. Raised on the pop culture of the 80s and 90s, Jess enjoys blending cinematic references around a central theme to connect film generations. This exploration is most visible in her paintings such as “Medusa Ripley”, “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”, “Patch the Red Nosed Raindoc” and “Doc Brown, Time Bandit."