Michelle Hold


Artist Michelle Hold's work is based on capturing the essence of feelings, emotions and the invisible, eternal energy that pervades in the universe, focusing on beauty and it’s scarcity in current time.
She is inspired by nature and new science that meets spirituality.
Creating from a place of no time, no space no body. 
Like an architect, She loves to construct the images with multiple layering, but at the same time leaving space for a surprise, for something unexpected to happen, where her dance-like gestures encounter the vibrations of colour.
Colour is vital to convey her message of harmony and wellbeing, and she is interested in the perception of space and emotion through the equilibrated use of colour, which she has trained while working in textile design. 
She aims to offer the spectators a view into special moments of time where all is possible and like her creations to enchant, add to wellbeing and open the mind.