Ayala Uzan / by CreativPaper

Ayala Uzan recently graduated with a Bachelor of Jewellery Design from the Skenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Israel. As a sculptor and painter, she perfectly utilises these skills to push the creative boundaries of her jewellery designs. 

CreativPaper took time out to speak to Ayala, take a look below for the interview and more of her designs.

In what ways has your background influenced where you are now?

Well, right now I'm just starting to figure myself out outside of design school. I graduated last year and I'm trying to leave the bubble of school behind me and focus on the rules of design and commerce in real life with all of its restrictions.

I'm a Perfectionist so my road is never easy. Never was. 

My background is what's motivating me to be excellent. Just Good is definitely not an option. All my life I have struggled the feeling of mediocrity that surrounded me. No one really expected more out of me. "You are average and that’s good enough" they said. But it was never enough for me. I wanted, and I still do, to be great at what I do. Not so much for recognition, but for my own personal Fulfilment.

And that’s why I'm determent to create beautiful and unique jewellery at the best quality.


Please describe your design aesthetic in three words?

Clean lines, cool look & different. 

Please describe the creative processes from start to finish of a new jewelry collection?

It always starts with the hope and determination to create in an organised fashion.

So I sit down and think of inspirations, draw something, define some goals, what would I like to achieve this time around, materials I'd like to use and so on. I prepare a full inspiration board and then… What actually happens, is that I start processing the metal, and it just happens intuitively. I do have guide lines, but inside all of that order and lists and decisions, I have to let my hands and my soul just do what feels right, and then I do some fine tuning and adjustments. 

What’s your jewelry philosophy? How do you like to wear your favourite pieces? 

My philosophy is that it has to look effortless. Just a good clean design, that celebrates the everyday as well as the special occasions. I love wearing a combination of my favourite pieces, normally a cool pair of pants, v neck oversized T shirt and a pair of white converse. 

What type of woman did you have in mind when designing your collections?

First of all she has to have a lot of character Both Looks and personality. She doesn't have to be the prettiest, she is a real person. With faults and all. She is strong and confidant. She has a good sense of style. Definitely not a fashion victim! She likes the one of a kind pieces. She'll put together both high and low fashion. She has a bit of everything in her, she is a girly girl and a tom boy. And maybe some tattoos.

Basically – she's me.

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Photography by Yafit Simcha.