Five Things by Naomi Vona by CreativPaper

Naomi Vona is a Italian collage artist currently living in London. Since graduating in 2006 Naomi's work combines photography and collage. CreativPaper caught up with the collage artist and below are her five things that currently inspires her. 



Although I am truly inspired by books or movies that I love, music always had a special place in my heart and my creative process. There are plenty of my works that quote songs, bands or musicians that I appreciate. During my childhood and teenage years, I remember that I always turned on the radio while I was drawing. I also loved to create my own playlists on music cassette tapes (I am definitely an old lady!).



Growing up watching the best Italian trash and comedy shows on TV, my critical sensibility on behalf of the middle class society, politics, religion and other “exquisite” internal shitty affairs made me become quite cynic, but I didn’t want to lose a good sense of humour. So that’s how sarcasm came naturally to “visit” me. My works are a reflection of what I digested in years, and this element it’s significantly present in many of my artworks. A good laugh and after a while a way to think about that laugh. Love this match.



This element I use to call it “the glue” that puts all together. Subconscious is a mind trick, it brings you in unknown paths and can surprise you. Sometimes when I finish to make a collage, I realise that my mind putted a not expected element on it, without my permission. That’s how subconscious works, like a kind of a bitchy friend.



My past, and all the things that are part of it, has a strong presence and influence in my art. My memories, especially childhood and teenage years, have been always quoted here and there in my works. Nostalgia as its best.



My creepy visionary point of view could not exist without dreams. I am a great dreamer in all senses, but I also dream a lot, and my dreams are quite complex and “full”. I also have a fervid

imagination that sometimes brought me into interesting “visionary” visions. Some of them are now part of my collages, they belong to my creative process and cannot be detached.