Dagur Jonsson / by CreativPaper


Dagur Jonsson is a Icelandic photographer his work is categorised into four themes. Winter in Iceland, Sunsets, Northern Lights and Icelandic Landscape - where he try's to capture multitude of subjects including the open roads, lonely houses, wide ares and abandoned places whilst reminding the viewer of the beauty of isolation and being along in nature.

500px Photo ID: 116199003

"I have always considered myself an artistic person and I have always been involved in art in one way or another. Photographing is an exciting form of expression for me and I love capturing everyday moment with a moody feeling to it. For me the storytelling of a photo is very important and I try to connect with people’s emotion through my photography. Subjects like Landscapes with dramatic clouds, captivating sunlight’s, moody winter scene and the beautiful Northern Lights are a special interest to me."