Donatella Izzo / by CreativPaper

Born in 1979, Donatella Izzo started her career in the arts through painting. This eventually progressed to photography. She is currently based in Milan, Italy where she continues to create images that embody a paradox of emotions. Her work has been featured both nationally and internationally. We recently interviewed Donatella where she talks about the current art scene in Milan and her body of work amongst other topics. 

You are a multi-medium artist, has that always been the case?

Yes, I have always been interested in the contamination of techniques.

Most of all I love photography which in my opinion is pure or enriched with layers of matter and paint rather than corrode with acid, melt or cut.


What does art mean to you?

Art is my obsession. Even if I wanted to, I could not live without it. It's always in my thoughts from morning to night. It’s a form of slavery……

Could you tell us a bit more about your series (no)Portrait?

"No - Portrait" is my new series dedicated to portraiture.

As opposed to a reality more and more dominated by appearance and from the exhausting search for aesthetic perfection, I create a complex and introspective iconographic universe which puts my focus on the quest for an anti-canon, in which the fallacious concept of imperfection is stripped from its negative connotations to acquire higher values.

It urges the viewer to investigate and cross the fine line that divides the visible from the invisible and to focus on new models, redefining, upsetting, the traditional concept of the portrait as a copy, for an introspective analysis of the individual.

The series will be on show for the first time from 20 may to 9 July 2017 in Tuscany at the Gallery “La Bottega” in Pietrasanta. It will be a great and important exhibition for me!


What about a new concept of photography in this series?

From a technical point of view, these portraits are the result of an intricate work that goes beyond the idea of traditional photography. In Fact, each photo is printed first on paper, and then it is altered with the surface’s abrasions, painting, collage, through the insertion of materials of different nature, and at the end of this process, re-photographed.

So, the final image is printed on fine art paper and generally applied on aluminium as support.

If you could describe the current art scene in Milan in three words what would they be?

Too, much and all


What’s everyday life in Milan like for someone that lives there?

Milan is a great city, which has become much nice in recent years thanks to the Expo 2015 and offers everything to suit all tastes.

The best food, the best fashion and design, for example. It has always been the most innovative city in Italy. However, Milan is suffering from integration and immigration issues that institutions are not able to administrate: excluding the centre, it’s not a safe city as it once was.

Could you see yourself living in another city?

Oh yes. My dream is to work as an artist in New York or London. But I need a good gallery that can support me. If you know someone, I am available. I work hard, and I cook very well! ☺