Hampus Olsson / by CreativPaper

Since the age of 8 years old Hampus Olsson has been making websites and pixels originally from Sweden he relocated to Goa, India in January 2015 and has not looked back. We caught up with Hampus and asked him some casual brain-picking questions presented together with a small selection of his quality recent work.



Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a Swede who loves adventures and artistic challenges. I currently live in India where I work as Partner & Design Director at the creative agency Next Big Thing. I make art, games & apps on my free time and have been doing this since I was 8 years old.



How does Hampus start a project? Are there specific forms and shapes that you are drawn to when you start a painting?

It depends on what type of project I'm working on, but I have an overall liking for geometry, simplicity in chaos and I like to work with it until perfection. When I work with web design, I usually like to try something new while still following the trends of web design nowadays. When I work with art, I feel like I can express myself completely, without setting any boundaries. Maybe that's why my art usually becomes a bit abstract :)


You've worked with some great clients such as One Plus and Paranoid Android, how did these Collaborations come about?

I met OnePlus founder Carl Pei in India, where we by accident discussed the possibilities of me helping out with the default wallpapers. Since then I've worked closely with OnePlus lead designer Arz Bhatia, who also works with Paranoid Android.



I think the colour palette in your work is fantastic. Do you find yourself using the same colours all The time and what objects in nature inspire you?

I'm drawn to a few colours and all my art seem to follow these closely until I realise that I probably should experiment with other colours too. For my Abstruct app, I really need a greater mix of colours, so I've recently tried to expand my use of colours :) Music inspires me the most and I found out that listening to 60-70s progressive rock magically boost my creativity to the max.



I believe you also have an extensive background in web design, Does your artistic side play a big Role in it and vice-versa?

It does, but with the current trends in web design, it's a bit hard to reach too far off. I try to add small details, clever typography and geometric forms to my web design as much as I can without disturbing simplicity. Back in 2010, I lived in NYC, working for Your Majesty and the Swedes Jens Karlsson & James Widegren who pioneered the 3D abstract art scene back in the days. I used to experiment with abstract art before meeting them, but they inspired and taught me a lot, that I'm thankful for.



What does the future hold for you, Hampus?

I continue working with Next Big Thing, but will have a lot of my own projects coming up too. For example, I'm working on my own indie game called NokoDoko which I have been working on for over two years now. I'm starting to see the finish line, but it's hard to know since I do all the programming and design myself. The Abstruct app gained a lot of attention since the OnePlus 3 release, so this will be my main focus until release. I update my Instagram account @hellohampusolsson regularly with new art for the Abstruct app for those interested.