Important Notice to all our Readers / by CreativPaper

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It has recently been brought to our attention by a fellow publication that there is a significant overlap between the copy of our 'Artist Kit', that is usually sent out to artists before we work with them and theirs. As you may know the “Artists kit” outlines the benefits of working with us along with relevant information such as prices etc. Our services are very similar to those of the publication concerned and as such a degree of similarity is to be expected, but the content in some places is word for word identical.

Here at CreativPaper, we pride ourselves on the quality and individual nature of our artist's features; these are collaboratively written in house and so are highly bespoke. However, we did initially outsource the production of our marketing material, and it is this that the complaint has been made against. As a reputational business, we take such accusations of plagiarism exceptionally seriously and while it is only related to a single marketing pack and not the magazine itself we feel it is appropriate to be fully open.

The marketing material was created by an outsourced copywriter who no longer works for the business. Our immediate response has been to stop all marketing activities using this material and to bring the production of the media pack back in house. The 'Artist Pack' in question has been reauthored by us and is available upon request. Rest assured, the services offered and the price points have not changed. Even though the impact, in relation to the content and quality of our magazine, and the level of satisfaction we have built with you is low, we want to apologise to all our readers for this lapse in oversight at CreativPaper.

We are a small team who are passionate about what we have created and the relationships we have built with all the artists we have worked with over the years. We hope you will keep following us on our journey and apologise for any embarrassment this might have caused.

- The Team at CreativPaper