John Saile / by CreativPaper

Being an active artist is no easy task, creativity like any skill and profession requires tenacity, patience and passion. Artist John Saile has been a professional artist for 15 years. During this time he has been honing his art, creating pieces that in his own words "maximise visual stimulation". In his interview with CreativPaper John talks about the artists that have had a profound impact on his work, his use of colour and guilty pleasures.

As an abstract painter would you agree that abstraction and its underlying form go hand in hand?

To me, abstract painting is mental projection, backed with my visual tradition. I would not say that form and abstraction go hand in hand; I would say that form and colour are both essential to the creation of abstraction. While colour is light, the form is the arrangement or structure of visual elements. For me as the artist, colours and form symbolise my soul’s journey. If one were to ask an abstractionist what they are going to paint, the standard reply is to let the painting begin, and we’ll see what happens.

You often combine multiple mediums in your pieces, is there one you like working with more than the others?

I recently started working with Flashe, a vinyl water based paint that is made in France.  It has an excellent creamy consistency and responds easily to blending and thickening with pouring medium or moulding paste, etc.

The impact of colour on emotions is undeniable, if you could not use colours in your paintings how would you convey emotion?

If I could not use colour in my art, it simply means the removal of only one aspect that  I use to make my art, so my artwork would be black…or white…or black and white. You can project a lot of emotion through a black and white painting.

Do you think other artists should incorporate more colour into their work?

I love colour. I think it is the vehicle upon which our emotions are delivered. More colour is always advisable.

What are you listening to these days? Do you have a playlist for your studio?

I am listening to the sound tracks of the recent movies, Lalaland and Moonlight, one energising and uplifting and the other, morose. And all of my playlists are like that. As the mood of the painting evolves; so, does my choice in music.

How important is art as a catalyst for cognitive and visual stimulation?

Of course, art is the absolute front runner as a catalyst for cognitive and visual stimulation. Thanks to the way we see things in our culture, art is everywhere.

Are your pieces superimposed memories, observations or a combination of the two?

As I said before, painting is a mental projection; which leads me to believe that our memories and collective observations are both fully accessible in the process of creating abstract art.

Are you a morning person?

I am definitely a morning person, early morning to be precise. 

Name three guilty pleasures that you cannot do without?

Privacy, my soulmate and avocadoes


GinoGino, 48%22X48%22, mixed media on canvas, 2016.jpg