Julianne Jones / by CreativPaper

The beauty of abstract art is that it gives the artist complete freedom to convey their message. One might say that of any medium, but it's hard to compete with the sheer possibilities that abstract art provides. Artist Julianne Jones grabs these opportunuities by the horns, Incorporating elements ranging from layering, a multitide of colours and textures, collages and patterns her work balances her need for it to be aesthetically pleasing and yet have a more deeper, profound message. Topics such as the pandemic of mental health facing our race, white supremacy and the subscequent racism play heavily in her work, exploring its underpinnings and bringing about debate. Another topic is Social Media and how it is changing interpersonal relationships, never have we been more connected and distant as a race. 

You can find about more about Julianne and her work via the links below.