Robyn Marshall / by CreativPaper

Love or loathe them tattoo's have been around for millennia. From traditional tribes to modern ones we have been tattooing ourselves in one way or another to promote a sense of belonging. Whether you are a member of an isolated tribe in the remote canopy of the Amazon rainforest or a hipster sipping a cup of coffee in New York, tattoos help us identify with a certain group. The profession of being a tattooist doesn't just require a steady hand, they require a knowledge of the arts and skill to transform a blank human canvas into a moving art installation.

Canadian tattoo artist Robyn Marshall was fascinated with the human anatomy as a young child and dreamed of illustrating medical textbooks using her father's old anatomy books as a point of reference. This eventually progressed to Robyn opening her first tattoo studio in 2016. Her goal as an artist is to bring beauty to the misconceived and unnoticed. As a fan of tattoos ourselves we couldn't agree more.