Barrie Dale

Barrie Dale by CreativPaper

As a Scientist, Barrie Dale is appalled at the way that human beings are destroying the life-support system that Planet Earth provides; it is now possible to envisage a point at which all of Nature will have been destroyed: by us.  Once we have destroyed it we will have destroyed ourselves.


As an Artist, he sees great danger in the fact that Nature is no longer seen as a source of inspiration to mainstream Artists.  This gives politicians and businessmen the idea that Nature no longer matters, and can be exploited at will.  If nobody, not even artists, regard it as important what does it matter?  

Well, it matters because, even though humans have produced many beautiful things, none of them surpasses what Nature has achieved.  Every time you look at natural forms more closely than you have before you find something new, and unexpectedly beautiful. 

Barrie Dale has sold hundreds of paintings and has given a number of music recitals, but is now committed to photography as a means of getting as close as possible to the un-varnished truth about natural beauty.  There is no artificial lighting and no computer manipulation in his work.  He believes in letting the camera tell us what it will, even when it appears to contradict what it is we think we are seeing.