Kenneth Susynski

Kenneth Susynski by CreativPaper

Internationally-acclaimed artist Kenneth Susynski composes his canvasses by weaving diverse cultural experiences into narrative, theatrical compositions that have inherent traits of love and love lost, depicted by actors in the guise of powerful form and colour. In his latest oils, inspiration is derived from the emotional impact of classic and contemporary literature, exuding the lingering implications of a great book by employing both abstraction and representation in new, adaptive interpretations.

He has had numerous solo and group shows both nationally and internationally including the 2015 Palermo International Biennale, Art Caroussel-Louvre, Seattle Art Museum Gallery, and the Sundance Group.

This self-taught artist in inspired by classic and contemporary literature. Currently based in Seattle, WA Kenneth took some time out to answer some questions for us which you can read in our first issue here