Yoshitida Ihara

Yoshitada Ihara by CreativPaper

Creating work that blurs the intersection between humans and nature we have Japanese artist Yoshitada Ihara. He strives to develop a harmonious relationship between nature and human-made materials. His work, acting as a bridge, creates an atmosphere which is both tension-free and relaxing. As contradictory as the two components of his work might be, a close relationship exists between these two fractions. Destruction of nature by human civilisation has made it imperative that natural and human-made materials co-exist with one another. This may eventually result in an evolutionary partnership, something we need to be more considerate about. Since July 2012 Yoshitida has been creating land art combining cultivation in Satoyama and thinning timber (Cypress & Cedar). Its organic plant-like shape will continue to evolve with time as pieces are added, and the surrounding nature plays its part