“I was delighted to be invited to be interviewed recently by CreativPaper for their 10th issue. It was a pleasure to work with Jimmy Outhwaite and Jefferson Pires who displayed huge enthusiasm and dedication to the production and publication of the magazine and I applaud them for their commitment to promote and support emerging and mid-career creative talent alongside highlighting environmental and social issues.” - Lara Wardle, Executive Director, Jerwood

"My experience with CreativPaper has been great. The platform of the magazine looks amazing and is very professional. The communication was always great and I’m very grateful for the opportunity because it allowed me to keep exposing my work to an international audience." - Gilbert Salinas, Issue 10

"Jason and I have worked with Creativpaper since the beginning in 2016. The publication Jimmy and Jefferson produce is of the highest quality and shows the artists work at its best. Interviews are in-depth and comprehensive giving the artist the opportunity to promote their work to a wide and varied audience. We have also developed a good working relationship supporting each other in difficult times...Jimmy and Jefferson are keen advocates of mental health awareness and have helped Jason champion this cause which is close to their hearts. They have also helped us weed out some scammers which is becoming a worrying issue for up and coming artists. We would recommend Creativpaper to anyone who wants to develop their art career because they will be in safe and well respected hands that we now consider friends." - Jason Clarke, Issue 8 Vol 2

"I have had a couple of articles in CreativPaper and I can thoroughly recommend working with Jimmy and Jefferson. They have a great attention to detail and are great fun to work with. They take the time to get to know you and structure their interview questions accordingly so the reader not only finds out about my work, but what influences me and what life is like in my corner of the world. I have had a lot more followers on Instagram from artists and art lovers that have seen my work promoted on social media by CreativPaper. I will definitely work with these guys again!" - Miranda Trojanowska, Issue 8, Vol 2

"I want to recommend the work of CreativPaper's creators Jimmy Outhwaite and Jefferson Pires. They contacted me about an article about a year ago. Although artists are constantly being approached about  different opportunities, When I saw there magazine and read their questions, you could tell they were really interested in what the artist had to say. The questions were targeted at my particular experience and not general and generic. When I read the final result I was very impressed. I read other articles as well and found them to be very interesting and unique. I highly recommend working with CreativPaper." - Alise Loebelsohn, Issue 8 Vol 3

"In a world of constant stimuli CreativPaper functions with a sense of purpose, a refined voice to the confusion of modern times. CreativPaper operates as a poetic sphere of art and expression. The artists featured in this fine paper are as diverse as the countries from which they come, yet they are linked by a desire to present an intimate portrait of what it means to seek creativity in the 21st century. Every section of this magazine flows with an eloquence of composition, and a mastery of graphic design.

I've recently had the good fortune to grace the cover of this captivating publication which has gained me wider attention in regards to my artistic career. I'm always grateful to the ones who seek to weave an intricate web of beauty, balancing individual expression with a clear path of interconnectedness. This is what I find rather remarkable as a stroll through the pages of wonder, sophistication, and depth of this magazine. As I finish going through this portal of creativity I am left with a sense that this is important, that art may help us all to make a little bit of sense of what it means to be human." - James Porschen, Issue 7